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To Subscribe or Not Subscribe That is the Question: My Favorite Subscription Services

"Every where you look, every where you look, there's a box, there's a bag, a service which to subscribe to..." As I sit here, Fuller House playing in the background, I'm struck by how quickly the subscription box trend became popular. I shouldn't be surprised, what with Amazon's 1-day prime convenience also taking over the shopping market. Convenience is something worth paying for and paying for it we sure are.

Subscription boxes now include everything from groceries to fashion and beauty and everything in between! Just the other day I saw an ad on instagram about a monthly subscription box for home decor. Click, pay, ship, open. Unboxing videos are one of the most watched and posted videos on stories anymore- giving everyone a glimpse of what lies inside the packaging. So here's an in-depth look at the services to which I subscribe. This is isn't meant to be a sales pitch or to convince you to "sign up today". This is just a glimpse into my world and the convenient resources I've found that have made it more fun, more fashionable, more convenient, and healthy friendly while reducing costs to me and my family.

The first subscription service I joined was Adore Me and adore it I do! Adore Me is revolutionary in many ways. First, with VIP status it allows me to buy sexy, sweet and affordable lingerie, pajamas, swimwear, and athleisure at a low cost! You can shop or skip every month and if you don't like the outfit or it doesn't fit quite right, just return it. Second, they run promotions all the time. Almost every month I get an email with the chance to spin the wheel and win a discount or freebie! Lastly, the models and ads that adore me uses and runs are the most body positive and confidence boosting I've seen as a woman. Women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and backgrounds appear in their advertisements, commercials, and photographs. Finally, models that are representative of the majority of women who wear lingerie. Women I can look at and up to, who make me feel good and from whom I can get a real picture of what I too would look like and feel like while donning a new set.

Fab Fit Fun was splashed across my Instagram with every celebrity and influencer filming their un-boxings. For months I watched with envy, wondering if it was worth it but secretly knowing that it already was And sure enough it was. When my first box arrived I was so excited- it was like Christmas morning and that delight is repeated time and time again with every delivery. Full sized products fill the boxes almost to the brim. Beauty products, fashion accessories, jewelry, and more. With customization options, I can get early access to add-ons for my box. Last season I snagged a brand new brand-name flat iron along with a tote bag, slippers, a plush throw and a scarf. This is by far one of my favorite deliveries to come home and find on my doorstep. The name sums up what comes in the box and how I feel once it arrives!

So, while I can assuredly say that I don't love cleaning, I DO love a clean house and that's one of the reasons I gave Grove a try. And I'm so glad I did! Grove has been a a saving grace in our household! Natural cleaning products, candles with delicious aromas, sustainable and eco-friendly products all delivered e a schedule that I pick. I can delay shipments and change delivery dates. I can even earn extras and freebies! My Mrs. Meyers obsession started with Grove and three years later our kitchen sink still houses a new scented soap each season. The wool dryer balls are in my brand new dryer (thanks honey) right now and the cleaning products stowed proudly in their cute colored caddies (I have red, white, and green) in the linen closet.

Stitch Fix provides me an updated wardrobe every 3 months styled especially for me based off of daily style assessments and weekly style inspiration boards, as well as linking my "my style" Pinterest board. If I don't like an item or it doesn't fit, I simply place it in the pre-addressed and post-marked envelope and return it. No extra cost, no hidden fees. 20 bucks per box that is automatically applied to any item I buy. With each box, my stylist gets better and better at getting to know me and the clothes keep getting better too!

Smart Sweets and VERB Energy are two subscriptions I found just a few months ago and they have radically changed my life. I have been on a journey to better health and snacks have always been my downfall. Until now. Smartsweets lets me eat the candy I crave without all the sugar. With just 3 grams of sugar per bag, I can have my cake and eat it too- or at least my sour gummy bears as it may be. VERB bars are packed with all the good stuff, pack a punch with as much caffeine as an espresso and only 90 calories. Now I can have an afternoon pick me up without the sugar crash or the carbs.

My health journey also led me to Thrive. Thrive Market is the easiest way to grocery shop for organic ingredients so that I can eat clean at a low cost with high convenience. I use the app on my phone which is super easy and user friendly. I can click on which diets and health trends I want to follow and the app will sort the food choices by those categories. Adding them to my cart is even easier because the pop-up windows don't even make me close out ongoing grocery lists and selections in order for me to select quantities of the items I'm adding to my cart. So far, I've only received one box, but I've already ordered another!

Fabletics has been the most recent addition to my subscription list. I guess when I went clean with food, I must have decided that cute new workout clothes would be extra motivation to actually hit the gym. And you know what? It absolutely worked. I love wearing my fabletics leggings and I've been a the gym at least twice a week (which is a huge feat for me)! Cute, comfortable, and convenient. What could be better than that? I love that every time I put on my gym clothes I feel confident and motivated to be better, do better, and because of that I feel better. Maybe it's silly but the right clothes really can make a difference- at least for me.

I can't say that every subscription service is going to be the bees knees, but the ones I use have been helpful and its been a fun way to shop. So I'll keep on being excited when packages get delivered. What about you? Do you use any of these services or others? Have you found them to be convenient and fun? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, appreciate the adventure and live authentically!


Claire Moore

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