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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Guide

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Okay y'all the NSale is upon us and with 2020 having been such a chaotic year full of twists and turns, a little retail therapy is a nice distraction! But don't let that good time feeling crash your budget! Here's my guide on how to shop the sale! Looking for links to still-in-stock items? Check the gallery image below!

Top 3 Tips and Tricks

1) Backup Plans

2) Shopping Goals

3) Categorize Your Want to Wear List


First thing first, remember that while this sale is big and advertised everywhere, the general public doesn't get to shop until the very last phase of the sale so that means that you want to have back ups for your your backups and don't get attached to anything in case it's gone by the time you shop. It's for this very reason that I haven't published this shopping guide until now. Right now everything in my guide below is still in stock, but I can't promise that it will be for long. I tried to round up some of my favorites and pieces that my readers and followers were asking for that were still in stock so that when you go to use this guide and click those links there's a better chance of finding what you want still available.


That being said, my second piece of advice: go into this sale shopping experience with a goal. Mine, this year, was closet staples like outerwear and coats that needed to be replaced because of wear and tear or that just no longer fit. My second goal was shoes- I'm on my feet a lot and when I love a good pair of shoes, I will wear them out. I'm talking soles with holes, stitching coming unstitched, heels broken off, the whole lot. Look through your closet and determine what it is that you NEED versus what it is that you just WANT. And then, my sale shop hack, I make 2 wish lists; My Need to Buy and Want to Wear so that come shopping day I can snag the sales that are still in stock while not breaking my bank.


When it comes to my Want to Wear Wish List I always defer to TIP ONE. I find the item I absolutely love; that trendy coat or those cozy slippers and then I go on a hunt for a similar, but cheaper option. I add both to my wish list back to back so they appear right next to each other. Then coming shopping day, I put all my NEED to BUY items in my cart first and I start doing the math. How much do I have left in my budget for my Want to Wear Items? This way I can determine whether how to stretch the remaining part of my budget to get as many of my WANTS as possible. For example: There are a pair of Spanx Faux Leather Leggings that are VERY POPULAR this season. Everybody wants them and is talking about them, blogging about them, sharing them in Instagram stories. This means 2 things: 1) they will likely be sold out by the time that I shop and 2) the demand is high so the price will be too. After adding my needs to my cart, I can then determine whether its worth it to me to spend the $$ on the Spanx brand leggings or go with my backup knock-off option; the other faux leather leggings of a different brand with still-great reviews that comes in much under budget. Maybe I splurge and get the Spanx, but then settle for backup want options for my other items or not purchasing more from my Want to Wear Wish List. It's the easiest and most convenient way for me to snag the sales when I shop and get the best of both worlds. It takes some time and effort in the beginning to plan it out and make my wish lists but it pays off in the end.

FINAL PRO TIP: Breathe and remember you DO NOT have to buy anything at all.

People rave about this sale and they push it hard, it's likely been in your face a lot recently. But always remember your wants, needs, and budget are your own and no matter what that's what matters. Don't feel pressured to buy just to buy. You can participate in all the fun of the sale just by watching, browsing, reading. And if you're looking to help a fellow blogger out and you can't or don't want to make a sale: your clicks on the links we provide still help us even if you don't buy so don't feel obligated. For those of you that don't know here's my disclaimer: When you click on the blogger's links and make a purchase that blogger receives a small commission. That's one of the reason why so many bloggers push this sale so hard and market it. so much because with enough exposure and enough purchases made through their links, they can make money. And that's true here as well: I do make a small commission off of purchases you make through the links I provide. But please know that I am a huge advocate of open and honest transparency. I will never share links just for the sake of sharing links to make money. I only share items I actually love and want you to know are great! And if it's something new to me- I don't review it until I've actually tried it for a while and can give you an honest review- good or bad! And you will always find a statement that I'm trying something for the first time if that's the case. I started this blog for fun not to make money; but the money I do make helps me with the costs associated with running this blog so I am always grateful for any of you out there that do use my links when you choose to shop. You are appreciated and if you ever do want links for specific items and reviews on certain products, please always feel free to reach out and let me know! I'm having a ton of fun and hope that you are too!

Enjoy the sale- in whatever way works for you!


Claire M.

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