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My Wednesday Wishlist

Alright so if you're anything like me then as you follow along with bloggers, instagram influencers, and product releases from your favorite companies you likely are hard core crushing on new fashion finds, adorable totes, and the home decor that is to-die-for! But I'm guessing, that also like me- your wishes are sometimes capped by the realities of a budget, financial planning, and that want vs. need breakdown in your mind. I thought that I would share some of my new fav finds that have quickly been added to my Wednesday Wish List! All items are linked in case my want is your need! Here's a snapshot on my week's breakdown of those must-have items!

(1) First up on the fashion front is this adorable white and flowy dress! Thanks to Loverly Grey (go check out her blog and insta-seriously run don't walk, she's AMAZING!) for sharing this fashion find from Amazon! I can't wait to add this to my collection of beach and boat dresses! Want to add it to your closet?

(2) Next is this too-cute tote from Logan and Lenora!! And best yet- remember Loverly Grey that I just told you about? This bag was a collab that she did with L&L! This print is only available for this week! It is completely waterproof and machine washable which makes it the perfect day trip or diaper bag! There are several bag style options so you should check it out!

(3) Okay so this table and (4) chair set is a new personal favorite look and I can't wait to add it our sunroom in our new house! Did you catch that? Yes, that's right! We are moving! Well, we will be- in 9 months when our home is finished being built. We started the process on a custom home in a planned community this week and the sunroom will one day house this gorgeous round dining table and wooden chairs as our family center for all things fun, meals, and fellowship!

(5) Alright let's be honest- quarantine = pajamas! Don't worry there is absolutely no judgement here! Comfy and cute pjs and loungewear is where it's at and I am all-about-it! These lemon pjs are quite possibly the cutest I've seen yet- you can bet they will be in my cart at checkout! Want a pair to bring the summer sunshine feels with you?

So what's on your Wednesday Wishlist? Let me know! I would love to shop your favs and support those businesses that make you feel like the amazing person you are inside and out and that make your house a home!

Stay Healthy and Appreciate the Adventure,

Claire M.

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