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Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You

So it's been some time. You've stumbled upon this blog. Read some articles. Maybe followed a forum or too. And now you're wondering- just who is this author? What's her story and why does it matter? So I thought it was time. Time to get to know one another. Just me. And. You.

If that entire intro sounded like Joe from Netflix's YOU, it should. I've been obsessed for the past week. Made it through 2 seasons in a week and a half. Do I have a bing watching problem? Possibly. Am I upset about it? Absolutely not. That's perhaps the first thing you should know about me- when I'm passionate and love something, I'm driven without fear of failure or judgement.

So, who am I? What's my story? Well, sit back and relax. Here is the story of me:

I've never liked confined spaces, despite the fact that I'm only 4' 11". Perhaps this paranoia of being caved in and suffocated is what led to my premature birth. Apparently, I decided to show up 6 weeks shy of my scheduled due date. A rebel since birth I suppose.

I grew up in a very close family- an only child surrounded by loving parents, several aunts and uncles and cousins, and my grandma was and is my very best friend.

We've been through a lot together, my family. It's been messy. It's been difficult at times. Joyous at others. It's been life. Full. Abundant. Blessed.

I was three when the hurricane hit. Floyd. A small hurricane in comparison to the standards that Isabel and Katrina set. But for our family Floyd was devastating. It only took a few hours for the house to fill with flood water. A mere couple of hours for our home to succumb to the cold and rising waters and for the memories personified through photographs, the family piano, dad's recliner chair, Missy's dog bed, my toothbrush, and the jumbo sized jar of peanut butter, to be washed away. Like I said, messy.

I was 12 when my dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Awoken in the middle of the night at the sound of him seizing, a 911 call, and an extended hospital stay led to that discovery. But it wasn't the only discovery made that year. Rounds of chemo, surgery, tests, labs and meds were only part of it. All that only touched the surface. It was the prayers, the friends, family, and faith that got us through it. The self-discovery far more important. It was a moment of clarity. Like seeing through lenses in your favorite pair of glasses after they've been cleaned for the first time in a really long time. So much pain and strain and difficulty alleviated. You know you still need the prescription and that your vision isn't perfect, but you've also discovered something about yourself- that with help and clarity you'll be just fine. Robin Robert's once said "every message has a mess". So maybe the mess is worth it after all.

So now you know. The trauma and the icky and the messy. But the message was always: You're strong enough. Keep your faith. There's purpose here. Appreciate your adventure and journey- the good, bad, ugly, stressful, messy, the joyous, the uplifting, the blessings. All of it. Own it. It's yours.

So now for the fun part: the favorites, the silly, the funny and everything in between because life may be messy but it's also tons of fun! I'm just like anyone else with music preferences and travel dreams and mentors. I have a favorite color and favorite drink. I binge watch tv shows and order takeout. I eat way too much pizza and suffer for it later. I design and dream and hope just like everyone else.

Appreciate the Adventure,

Claire Moore

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