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The Roaring 20s Round 2: Reflections, Resolutions & Reinforcement

In one short day a decade of 20-teens will come to a close and this generation's roaring twenties will begin. I wonder what this next decade will have in store for us all. Perhaps a Gatsby-inspired era with smashing parties and an alluring mystery? If it's anything like the past decade, it's sure to be an adventure. As we make our way into 2020 I took a look back on the past ten years so here are my decade in review highlights:


10. I was accepted into and graduated from James Madison University (JMU) with my Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Psychological Sciences and Applied Behavior Analysis

9. I met and worked with some of the best mentors, teachers, faculty, and advisors that I have ever had

8. I interned with some fabulous behavior analysts and special educators who taught me so much about our field and the population of students we work with and for

7. I interviewed for and accepted a position with APTS as a behavior specialist/analyst working with students from Kindergarten to 22 years of age in our vocational program

6. Andrew and I bought our first boat! Floatin' Oasis was a blast!

5. Andrew and I met new friends that quickly became a second floating family out on the river- boating on the Potomac has brought so many memories that will no doubt last a lifetime

4. I got engaged and married to the love of my life at the beautiful Oak Creek Farm in Unionville, VA

3. I became a step-momma to a sweet little boy who I love dearly

2. We took an amazing honeymoon to Charleston, SC where we took in the sights, sounds, and most delicious tastes of the historic city

1.The boat life bug bit and a second boat found its way into our waters- we welcomed Seaclusion in November and are excited to continue our boating adventures in 2020!

Bonus: I started this very blog and am so excited to continue sharing my adventures with all of you. The past decade may be ending but I'm sure there is still Moore Life 2 Live yet!


So will what the next year (or ten) bring? I can't be sure, but I am certain that it will be full of surprises; a journey chalk full of adventure, sorrow, joy, peace, excitement, and much much Moore Life 2 Live! Take a look at my New Year's Resolutions below!

I categorize my goals into 3 categories: Me (my personal goals for my health, wellbeing, financial, and mental state), Work (professional development, student goals, research and career advancement in my field), and Create (my passions, my side-gigs turned big boss lady profit, those products, companies, and creative work that not only provide my family with a financial foundation, but also fuel my creative hunger, my passionate spirit, and my compassionate heart).

What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming year or decade? Look to the future with an expectant heart- for laying your hopes and dreams at the feet of God and submitting to him allows your life to be fulfilled in even greater ways. Your dreams take on a life of their own when you give them God and He is able to form them completely and perfectly in His timing and way- a part of His master plan. Set your goals, make your resolutions, grieve losses and forgive yourself for your failures, celebrate wins and reinforce your successes. No matter what may lie ahead, trust that the adventure will be worth it. Keep searching. Keep dreaming. Keep experiencing.

Live Authentically,

Claire Moore

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