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Honeymoon Heaven: The Charm of Charleston Day 1

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

A few weeks ago I embarked on a journey that was sure to be exquisite, adventurous, full of fun, and incredibly novel for me. I’m not talking about the trip to Charleston, though it certainly would meet all of those criteria, but rather about my marriage. That’s right, I did the d*#m thing and got hitched! Andrew and I were so excited to share such an amazing day with our family and friends and the day was all we could have wanted for it to be- a true representation of us and our love for one another. After the dinner and dancing was done and the decor packed out, it was finally time for us to embark on a much anticipated journey together as husband and wife- and our first stop was the charming Charleston, SC.

New to me, Andrew was very excited to introduce me to the historic city and all it has to offer. And boy was he right when he told me that I would be in for a treat. In a mere 4 days, Charleston quickly became one of my new favorite travel destinations. And a destination it is! With its world renowned cuisine, the spectacular river and ocean views, and the myriad of both eclectic and classic activities to immerse oneself in, Charleston did not disappoint. Swept away in the magic of small town charm turned big city life, I swooned at every opportunity we had to embrace Charlestonian culture and savored every memory we made.

Our accommodations were luxurious as we made ourselves at home in the Presidential Suite at the Hotel Indigo for the week.

The breathe easy hue of the purple which basked the hotel drive entrance wasn’t the only thing that oozed relaxation and luxury, the room, service, bar, and restaurant were also top notch. Upon arrival, we were met with a chilled bottle of champagne in our suite living room (yes the room had two rooms!) and the most perfect steak I have yet to taste. As if to say, ”this is only foreshadowing of the food to come”, the dining experience at Eliza’s Kitchen at Hotel Indigo was just that- an experience of master proportions. Nothing about the culinary standards and demonstration here resembled anything close to the stereotypical “hotel food”. This place, no doubt, could and well does stand on its own ground and merit. From my perfectly cooked steak, which I got twice during our stay, to my Eliza’s Benedict with fried green tomatoes and lump crab meat, the explosion of flavors paired perfectly with its flare for southern charm.

Monday morning brought with it the chance of a lifetime, thanks to my ever sweet and throughout husband. We embarked on a 30 minute, personal, customized helicopter ride over the city and its outlying islands. There is absolutely no better way to see Charleston for the first time than by chopper. High enough up to take it all in, yet close enough to hold the details of the city’s beauty in your mind, the flight was incredible. A first for both of us, we were amazed and incredibly grateful for the headphones the charter provided. Hollywood is not embellishing when they amp up the sound of helicopters in action movies, they really are that loud. The pilot, who also served as our tour guide on the flight, was former military turned commercial charter and was brought to the city for it alluring charm and brilliance both from the sky and on the streets. He certainly affirmed what every seasoned traveler knows, that you should always converse with the locals if you want to get the true feel and flavor of a city. With new found insight and inspiration, we took our pictures, collected our popsicle sticks (more on that in an upcoming post) and took off to explore this place which exudes vitality amassed in calm serenity.

A short trip on the water taxi later, we made our way through the cobblestone streets of historic Charleston. Look no further for southern hospitality, this town has a grand fountain dedicated to the tradition. Shaped as a giant pineapple, the symbol of hospitality, this fountain is situated within the most beautiful waterfront park in downtown. As a native Richmonder, I grew up thinking that luxury looked like living on the James, but that ain’t got nothing on the row houses which overlooked this body of water.

We stumbled across America’s oldest liquor store and into the Blind Tiger Pub. Armed with some very nice palmetto whiskey courtesy of the corner, hole in the wall, liquor store and a couple of rather overpriced and under flavored drinks from the pub whose namesake is also lacking in one of the senses, we headed off in the direction of the market.

I was completely unprepared for the shopping excursion that this trip would occasion, but this shopping queen was not disappointed by the local shops which set up at the meeting street intersection. The Christmas shoppe found us our traditional honeymoon ornament for our tree, plus a few others as gifts. I found a pair of classic shoes from the Charleston Shoe Co., a gorgeous essential oil infused beaded bracelet designed after rainbow row, and a spartina handbag designed with the east coast of the Carolinas embossed on the sides of the purse. A quick detour for lunch landed us at a tiny shop with big flavor called Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls. My mouth was very happy as I munched on lobster rolls, chips, and an Idle Speed Salted Lime Lager from the Palmetto Brewing Company.

Dinner and drinks at the hotel were well deserved and much appreciated after our long day of traversing and exploring. Laying in the comfy bed back at Indigo, I couldn’t help but pinch myself that this was my life- married to the man of my dreams in a city I was falling in love with and I couldn’t wait to see what day 2 would bring, but I was sure it would be nothing short of Moore Life 2 Live.

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